Frog Holler Internship For 2016

We have been growing organic vegetables since the 1970s. Begun by Ken and Cathy King, Frog Holler is now run by their three sons with help from many seasonal apprentices. We farm 8 acres on a 120 acre piece of land that includes undisturbed prairie, rolling hills and woodlands. The farm is located in a beautiful area called the Irish Hills, with many lakes and recreational spots nearby. In August we host a large family-friendly music festival, where folks can enjoy the beauty of our land along with great music, food, and local culture. All of our produce is sold at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market and through our CSA, and we enjoy being part of the vibrant local food scene centered in Ann Arbor.

At the height of the season the crew size is around 10 people. Apprentices live on the farm and work on average 5 1/2 days a week. Work days are normally 8 hours. The work style is intense but friendly; our smaller scale allows opportunities for involvement in day-to-day decisions and projects.

Other projects include tending to the chickens, cut flower production, mushroom logs, beekeeping, land restoration/conservation, and food preservation.

When not working, our crew enjoys swimming in the pond, going on bike rides, yoga with Cathy, potlucks, bonfires, neighborhood volleyball, and music jams.

We are hiring an assistant manager and several interns/apprentices. Intern/Apprentice: Plant, weed, harvest; wash veggies; pack CSA boxes; tend market stall; help prepare for Holler Fest. Assistant Manager: Help oversee farming operation and farmer's markets; train apprentices and delegate tasks; keep records.

Internship Starts: April or May 2016
Ends: October or November

We provide all vegetables, food staples and a shared kitchen. Lunches are often communal with cooking duties alternating among the farm crew.

Skills Desired
Strong, hard worker. Able to work quickly while paying attention to detail. Willing to ask questions when job is unclear. Comfortable working outdoors. Previous gardening experience is helpful. Assistant Manager: At least two full seasons of farming experience. Managerial experience a plus. Organized, patient, and committed. Enjoys working with people.

Educational Opportunities
Learning is mainly accomplished through working. Because of our small scale, apprentices are exposed to many aspects of running a farm - such as planning, field preparation, and record keeping - and we are always available to answer questions. Frog Holler apprentices also have a unique opportunity to experience a farm music festival from the inside, with many creative ways to be involved.

Housing: RV trailer, treehouse, or rustic cabin. Wi-Fi in communal areas. Shared kitchen/bathroom/laundry.

Compensation: Pay starts at $600 per month and increases with skill. Those with prior farming experience may start higher. Please inquire about manager pay. Private room or trailer; communal kitchen/bathroom; all vegetables and food staples provided. To apply, send us an email.


Our help through the years


Angie, Tacy, Nhin, Mikki, Joe, Kate. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Tacy, Aidan, Eric with extra help from Cathy and Sarah and lots of awesome volunteers throughout the whole festival!


Kirstin, Colleen, Kim, Paul, Nhin, Angie, Kathryn, Beneice. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Tacy, Aiden, Deana, Avner - cookin' up some fun and food! Holler Fest helpers: no Holler Fest without 'em - thanks and thanks and thanks again!


Kirstin, Colleen, Mia, Qiang, Erin, Natalie, Bretton. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Aiden (they totally rocked), and thank you to bushels of Holler Fest helpers - we harvested another fantastic festival!

Kirstin, Bretton, Shannon, Samuel, Susan, Katie, Colleen. Holler Fest: it takes a village! Thanks everyone!!



Angie, Chrissy, Kirstin, Tacy, Emily, Evan, Elisabeth, Bretton, Chuck, Kyle, DJ
Holler Fest: Our dependable Holler Fest preparation crew! Tom Hi., Tom Hu., Scott, George, John. Thanks to everyone!


Angie, Kat, Dorothy, Julien, Chrissy, Kirstin, Chuck, Jenny, Leah, Kristie, Jennifer, Lindsay, Cat, Margy, Tom, Sandy, Cyrus, Adam. Holler Fest: Again, couldn't have done it without tons of help! Pre-Fest Super Helpers - Tom Hi., Tom Hu., Scott, George, John. Thanks to everyone!



Jana, Christina, Kristie, Erin, Angie, Elisabeth, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Mary, Woody, Laura, Kelsey, Eliza, Leah. Holler Fest: Lots and lots of great people! Thank you all!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Brian, Anne, Samantha, Silas, Elisabeth, Mary, Joan, Rich, John - thanks everyone! Holler Fest helpers - more than we can name, but we couldn't have done it without you - Many thanks!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Brian, Mark - Thanks everyone!
HOLLER FEST HELP - the whole darn neighborhood! Muchas Gracias!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Stas


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Anne, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Gail, Kristin, Evan, Brooke, Bretton



Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Duncan, Paul, Herb, Jack, Amy, Todd, John, Dan and many many more.



Holler Fest 2016
August 26-28