Frog Holler Internship For 2016

Frog Holler's organic roots go back 40+ years. We are a second-generation family farm growing certified organic produce. The farm consists of 5 acres of crops surrounded by 120 acres of undisturbed prairie and woodlands, all nestled in the gently rolling Irish Hills of Michigan. We sell at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market and through a small CSA. We also host an annual late-summer music festival. We are 10 minutes from the nearest town and 45 minutes from Ann Arbor.

Details: Apprentices have the opportunity to experience all aspects of running a small-scale organic farm. Apprentices live on the farm and work on average 5.5 days a week. Work days are normally 8 hours, although there are many variations depending on weather and other factors. The work style is intense but friendly; our smaller scale allows opportunities for intimate involvement in day-to-day decisions and projects. Work includes:

Planting in fields and greenhouse
Prepping veggies for market
Tending our market stall
Helping prepare for our annual 3-day music festival in August
Assist preparing communal lunches, shared cleaning responsibilities

Internship Starts: April or May
Ends: October or November

We provide vegetables as well as other food staples and a kitchen for cooking. Lunches are usually communal with shared cooking/cleaning duties, although some opt to prepare and eat their lunch separately, and that's fine too. We eat mostly if not completely organic, and much of it is local. Group meals are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Skills Desired
• Detail oriented
• Willing to ask questions
• Fast, efficient worker
• Good communication skills
• Some previous experience with physical/outdoor work is helpful

We accept all forms of farm interns from those who have never worked on a farm but have a strong desire to learn to those who already have farming knowledge and experience. We are looking for people with a wide range of passions, inspirations, talents and skills. We want our interns to feel like their creativity in all areas is encouraged and appreciated. We are very music-oriented, so bring your instrument!

Educational Opportunities
Apprenticing with us covers all aspects of growing, harvesting and marketing small-scale, direct-marketed crops. Twice weekly stints at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market plus packing and distributing CSA boxes are the main marketing avenues. Holler Fest, our three-day music festival, is a blast and totally consumes us most of the month of August. We need help with that but also need some folks to keep the farm going. Stipend: Pay based on experience, commitment and performance. Please inquire.

Housing: The Frog Holler community consists of Cathy King and sons Billy, Kenny and Edwin as well as 4-5 seasonal helpers.

• Workers stay in trailers, a rustic cabin, or treehouse
• Communal kitchen, bathroom, laundry
• Internet access

Other activities
Swimming in the pond
Yoga with Cathy
Opportunities to learn food preservation
Mushroom logs
Vibrant local food scene centered in Ann Arbor
Many potlucks and gatherings
Music jams
Neighborhood volleyball
Game nights

Interested in getting your hands dirty? Then click Get in touch and drop us a line!


Our help through the years


Kirstin, Colleen, Kim, Paul, Nhin, Angie, Kathryn, Beneice. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Tacy, Aiden, Deana, Avner - cookin' up some fun and food! Holler Fest helpers: no Holler Fest without 'em - thanks and thanks and thanks again!


Kirstin, Colleen, Mia, Qiang, Erin, Natalie, Bretton. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Aiden (they totally rocked), and thank you to bushels of Holler Fest helpers - we harvested another fantastic festival!

Kirstin, Bretton, Shannon, Samuel, Susan, Katie, Colleen. Holler Fest: it takes a village! Thanks everyone!!



Angie, Chrissy, Kirstin, Tacy, Emily, Evan, Elisabeth, Bretton, Chuck, Kyle, DJ
Holler Fest: Our dependable Holler Fest preparation crew! Tom Hi., Tom Hu., Scott, George, John. Thanks to everyone!


Angie, Kat, Dorothy, Julien, Chrissy, Kirstin, Chuck, Jenny, Leah, Kristie, Jennifer, Lindsay, Cat, Margy, Tom, Sandy, Cyrus, Adam. Holler Fest: Again, couldn't have done it without tons of help! Pre-Fest Super Helpers - Tom Hi., Tom Hu., Scott, George, John. Thanks to everyone!



Jana, Christina, Kristie, Erin, Angie, Elisabeth, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Mary, Woody, Laura, Kelsey, Eliza, Leah. Holler Fest: Lots and lots of great people! Thank you all!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Brian, Anne, Samantha, Silas, Elisabeth, Mary, Joan, Rich, John - thanks everyone! Holler Fest helpers - more than we can name, but we couldn't have done it without you - Many thanks!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Brian, Mark - Thanks everyone!
HOLLER FEST HELP - the whole darn neighborhood! Muchas Gracias!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Stas


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Anne, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Gail, Kristin, Evan, Brooke, Bretton



Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Duncan, Paul, Herb, Jack, Amy, Todd, John and many many more.



Holler Fest 2016
August 26-28