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How it works

Community Supported Agriculture (Cn increasingly popular marketing model where growers and customers share the joys and risks of farming. CSA members join the farm by paying a one-time fee in the early spring when farm costs are high and revenue is low. Throughout the season, CSA members will receive regular deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce that reflect the farmer’s growing style as well as, sometimes, the vagaries of the weather.

If you are new to the CSA model, please be sure to read “Considering a CSA?” and the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

At Frog Holler, CSA members can choose either a Weekly, Biweekly or Market Share of fresh, seasonal produce. (Market Shares are described in the next section.) You may pick up your share either at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market on Saturday or at the farm on Saturday or Sunday. Each week we will share recipes for how to use unfamiliar vegetables or new ways to enjoy old favorites in our online “Frog Holler Recipe Box”. A CSA newsletter will provide updates on activities at the farm. If a crop is exceptionally bountiful, your share will reflect that. If the crop falls short, we may have to limit amounts of that crop. Since we grow so many different types of vegetables, there will always be an ample supply of fresh, delicious vegetables in your share!

What's in a share?

You will always find a variety of salad green items (lettuce/spinach/chard/arugula, etc.) in each box. We will also include cooking greens such as Tuscan, Russian or Curly Kale, or Swiss chard, or Collards each week. In later July, warm weather vegetables such as beans, zucchini and summer squash, and of course tomatoes, will start to appear. We grow many culinary herbs such as basil, dill, thyme, etc., and will also include a selection in your share. Root vegetables such as carrots and beets will be available throughout the season. Onions, potatoes and winter squash arrive in September.

Full, Biweekly and Market Shares
Depending on your produce needs, you can choose either a Weekly or Biweekly Share. Our Weekly Share members will receive 16 shares, and our Biweekly members will receive 8 shares. This simply means that Biweekly members receive a full share box every other week. We do not offer weekly "half-shares" at this time.

A Market Share consists of a similar early spring commitment, but Market Share members will select their own produce from our Ann Arbor Farmers Market stall. The value of their selected produce will be subtracted from their initial payment until they have used it all. This type of share works for members who prefer to choose their own produce, or who may travel during the summer and aren’t able to make arrangements for someone to pick up their box. Market Share members shop when they can and select what they want, according to what is available at the stall.

Another advantage of the Market Share is that members may shop at any time during the season, and even use their payment toward purchasing seedlings for their garden in April or May.


Please note: Unless there are special circumstances, Market Shares are not refundable at the end of the season and do not carry over.

CSA Newsletter
Each week during the season we post an update to our CSA online newsletter, which includes details on what vegetables went into the share, plus recipes and farm news. You can look at previous newsletters to get an idea of what will be included in your share throughout the season. Click here for the CSA newsletter.

Cost and pick-up details

Questions? Please contact us by email:

Considering a CSA?

Here are some questions that might help you decide if a CSA is right for you.

1. Do you like vegetables? Well, duh, but when you join a CSA, you will receive a 1/2-3/4 bushel box of fresh vegetables every week. Fresh fruits usually comprise an occasional and relatively small amount of a CSA share. If you like your veggies, no problem!

2. Do you like to cook vegetables? Although salad ingredients are generally well-represented in a typical share box, cooking vegetables such as greens, beets, beans, onions and potatoes make up a substantial portion of your box. If you like to cook and eat many meals at home, you'll appreciate the variety and freshness of the cooking

3. Do you like surprises? Many members say that part of the fun of being in a CSA is seeing what is in the box each week. We always try to include a balanced representation of the seasonal produce we are harvesting; you won't be surprised by a bushel of okra some week! But satisfied CSA members usually "go with the flow" and plan their meals around what is in the box, rather than requiring specific ingredients.

4. Do you like to try new vegetables? We often include share veggies that might not be widely popular or are from other cultures' cooking traditions. We include them because we like them and believe in their nutritional value. We always include recipes and suggestions in our newsletter to get folks started with any unusual vegetables.

5. Would you like to feel a little closer to nature's cycles? CSA members experience the seasonal flow of the harvest; peas in June, squash in September. Depending on the weather, some crops will ebb, others may abound. Your share box will reflect the season, the weather, and your farmer's "best shot" at handling the unexpected challenges that inevitably occur during the growing season.

6. Do you like to support local agriculture? The CSA marketing model helps the farmer by providing material support early in the growing season when there are many expenses but little income. Membership also represents a vote of confidence for the farmer and strengthens local agriculture through the increased awareness that members gain. CSA members form a community of support that encourages and stimulates local growers to learn and improve. Would you like to be part of this community of support?

Hopefully these questions have helped you decide!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many does a share feed? The Frog Holler CSA share will feed two adults with a healthy appetite for vegetables. It will accommodate two adults with a moderate vegetable appetite along with two or so kids. If you are uncertain about being able to use all the produce, you might find friends to split the share with, either by divvying up the box each week or taking alternate weeks for the entire share. The Biweekly and Market Share provide further options for avoiding “vegetable overload”!

2. What if I can’t identify one of the items in a share? An online newsletter will accompany each share, listing your share items for that week and providing helpful information for unfamiliar vegetables. Tasty recipes are included in each newsletter, along with updates on farm crops, activities and events. Newsletters are archived on our web site, and accessible throughout the season.

3. Is there a work requirement? The Frog Holler Farm CSA does not require members to work on the farm.

4. Can I visit the farm? During the season you’re welcome to join us for our annual 4th of July Barn Dance, and of course for Holler Fest, our three-day music festival in August. If you and/or your family would like to visit on a non-scheduled occasion, just let us know. Frog Holler is a very special piece of land and we encourage folks to enjoy its natural beauty; however, since we are a working farm, we won’t be able to provide tours for non-scheduled visits.

5. Do you have a payment plan? You may hold your place in the Frog Holler CSA with a $50.00 payment; we appreciate the remainder by April 1. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact us.

6. What if I can’t pick up my share? If you are going to be out of town for a while, we suggest you ask a friend to pick up your share and enjoy the veggies! If it’s a short trip, perhaps a friend can pick up the box and hold it for you. Although we can’t promise an identical box, occasionally we can deliver a box to the Wednesday market if the Saturday pickup is not possible. If none of these options is available, we appreciate your letting us know ahead of time so that we don’t pack an unnecessary box. And finally, we understand that unexpected events may prevent you from picking up your share; if we don’t see you by 1:00 PM and don’t hear from you, we will donate your share. Folks who travel regularly during the summer may prefer the Market Share option.

7. Do you offer a half share? For those of you with smaller produce needs, we also offer a Biweekly Share. This simply means that you will receive a full share box every other week. We do not offer weekly half shares at this time.

8. More questions? Email us! ()

How it works | What's in a share? | Cost and pick-up details | Considering a CSA? | FAQ

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